Sirona Medical
is an NHS Framework Approved Insourcing Provider.

Sirona Medical Insourcing is renown for supplying an efficient, quality and caring service that greatly assists with reducing healthcare organisations patient waiting lists.

The Highest Standards of Care

All Insourcing Teams supplied by Sirona Medical have extensive NHS experience and able to deliver the standard of care expected by the NHS Trusts and equally important the patients themselves.

Waiting Times

We can implement a highquality Insourcing Service to support the Trust in reducing its waiting times at just 1 weeks notice. This will ensure the patients are cared for quicker and could ultimately save lives.

Cost Effective

Our costs come in below or at Tariff to help the Trust achieve its Clinical and Financial Targets.

Flexible Support

We are very flexible and will meet the requirements of the Trust. We can supply Teams to cover evening, weekday or weekend lists. We can supply waiting lists Teams on either a short term or long term basis, whatever meets your departments needs.

Collaborative Learning

As a Consultant led business, our Clinicians will share their own experiences with your Clinicians. Together we will improve patient care and reduce waiting lists to safer levels.


Sirona Medical Insourcing were not only recommended to us because they were an NHS Framework Approved Insourcing Provider, but also because they delivered healthcare professionals that treated, and cared for our patients. From the outset, we were impressed by Sirona Medical Insourcing’s level of professionalism and expertise. They took the time to understand our specific requirements and worked closely with us to provide a tailored solution that met our needs.

An experienced team that cares.....

With over 80 years of combined experience in the medical staffing and clinical insourcing industry, our experienced consultants are always available to provide you with the high-quality service you deserve. Sirona Medical believes in the ethics of providing more than just a service, but a relationship that allows both clients and candidates, to feel that no matter the query, request or demand, we will meet and exceed your expectations. With a consistent increase in demand for Clinical Insourcing, Sirona Medical can provide you additional support at just 1 weeks notice period so more patients can be treated quicker which will ultimately improve the patients experience and reduce your waiting list. 

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